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Adjustable Height Support
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SE Series
Self-Levelling Pedestal Pavers
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Star T Series
Low Height Tile Levelling System
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SB Series
Adjustable Pedestal Paver System
Aluminium Joist System
Adaptable and Adjustable
36mm - 956mm
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Wood Deck System
Adaptive Decking System
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Wind Proof System
Fastening and Adjustable.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the pedestals made out of?

The pedestals are made out of high grade polypropylene plastic and house a bi-component head that include high grade chemically infused rubber.

What sort of substrates can pedestals be used on?

The pedestals can be used on any solid substrate that is at least 98% compact.

What is the minimum thickness for tile/stone pavers for use with pedestals?

Before using any surface material on a raised floor, it is advised you seek the technical data from the supplier/manufacturer to ensure it is fit for purpose. Aside from that, the general guidelines we advise as the minimum are as follows. With porcelain pavers, the minimum thickness requirement is 20mm. With natural stone the minimum requirement is 30mm thick.

Can pedestals be used for decking?

Pedestals can indeed be used for decking. We have two options with our pedestals, the first being a wood deck head which adapts to a timber joist accessory and the second is an aluminium joist head which adapts to our very own aluminium joist. When deciding between the two it is good to consider longevity, height restrictions, termite and other bug presence in your area/home, general strength you require.

How much weight can the pedestals withstand?

Each pedestal series has a slightly different weight loading resistance, depending on height and series and they range from 4 tonnes central weight loading capacity to approximately 2 tonnes per pedestal.

What sort of surface material can be used with the pedestals?

Most surface materials that are fit for purpose can be used with pedestals. Give our specialist team a call to find out more.

What is the height of your aluminium joist?

The height of our aluminium joist is 25mm and can be used with a pedestal as low as 10mm, giving you a total height of 25mm before surface material. Great for low clearance decks!

Where can the pedestals be purchased?

We are the exclusive distributors for the East coast of Australia so you can purchase directly from us at KEKSIÄ.

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