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Adaptive Decking System

Wood Deck System

The Wood Deck System can be used in conjunction with the SE, NM and Star T Series Pedestals. Featuring an end that is predisposed to accommodating any type of joist or central block, it allows for quick and easy adjustments.

Utilising the SE, NM and Star T series base allows for easy adjustments that adapt to any type of substructure, providing for an elegant, stable and perfectly level flooring solution, across our entire range of height variables.

Wood Deck 1


Product advantages
  1. Adaptive Head design
  2. Suits SE, NM and Star T Series Pedestals
  3. Adjust Base to achieve millimetre perfect height regulation

  • Can be used across all pedestal series allowing significant height variables
  • Accommodates any type of joist or central block
  • Entirely Recyclable
  • Resistant to acids and ultraviolet deterioration
  • Resistant to temperatures ranging from -40 °C to +120°C 
  • Indicator lines on base make cutting easy when installing pedestals into corners or end walls.
Height Range
Product Range
Wood Deck System 10 - 30 mm
Star T Wood Deck
Wood Deck System 28 - 550 mm
SE Wood Deck
Wood Deck System 25 - 930 mm
NM Wood Deck

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