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KEKSIÄ's Grid Systems

Safety Grid

KEKSIA is proud to introduce our exterior raised flooring solutions, designed specifically for commercial applications. Our system leverages the innovative technology of the GRF System to offer unparalleled adaptability, sustainability, and design flexibility, making it ideal for enhancing outdoor areas of commercial buildings, retail spaces, and hospitality venues.

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Product advantages
Grid System Components
  1. Surface finishing element, (porcelain, concrete pavers, synthetic grass...)
  2. DLG spacer with easily removable tabs H 12 mm, thickness 2, 3 or 4 mm
  3. Grid to create a stable, uniform and smooth surface which allows for a free laying of the finishing elements
  4. Pedestal Support
  5. Concrete base 25x25 cm for laying on a draining substrate
  • Allows for a seamless transition between surface materials
  • Provides extra safety for any surface material
  • Utilises a unique dovetail joint system for easy, tool-free assembly
  • Suitable for any subfloor, with integrated drainage to prevent water stagnation
  • Designed to be low-maintenance, requiring minimal upkeep to preserve appearance and functionality
  • Versatile application with easy maintenance

Can KEKSIA’s flooring be customised for different commercial spaces?

Absolutely. Our flooring system offers a range of customisation options to suit specific commercial needs, including choice of materials and installation patterns.

What type of maintenance does KEKSIA’s flooring require?

The flooring system is designed for easy maintenance, needing only regular cleaning to maintain its quality and aesthetics.

How quickly can KEKSIA’s flooring be installed?

Installation times vary by project but our system is designed for efficiency, ensuring faster completion compared to traditional methods.

Is KEKSIA’s flooring system eco-friendly?

Yes, it is made from fully recyclable materials, aligning with sustainable building practices.

Discover the aesthetic and functional benefits of our raised flooring solutions.

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