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Composite Screening & Fencing

Screening & Fencing

Composite timber screening and fencing have several advantages over natural timber options. Composite materials are made from timber fibres and plastics but successfully emulate the much sought after aesthetics of natural timber. This makes composite timber and fencing a more environmentally friendly option for your build compared to natural timber which relies on logging.

If your project is aspiring to be a low-impact structure then composite timber screens and fencing is the ideal material to use.

Keksia Screening V2


Explore our range of colours below.

The above colour swatches are indicative only and may vary in appearance according to your computer screen. Visit one of our display centres and request a free sample, noting that there may be small variations between batches.


Composite Screening & Fencing

  1. Decorative & architectural garden screening
  2. Infill slat screening fencing
  3. Cafe and bar outdoor dining booths
  4. Poolside cabanas
  5. Pergolas
  1. Sun screens
  2. Railing
  3. Garden benches
  4. Filter & pool filter cover boxes
  5. Planter boxes


View our selection of profiles and product specifications.

Profile Profile Code Description Dimensions Length Finish Double Sided Max Span Weight p/LM Stocked MOQ for non‑stocked profiles & colors Stocked Colors
Solid Screen Board US36 Solid Screen Board 70mm x 17mm 5.4m H1 / H1 Yes 900mm 1.2kg Yes 280 Lengths Teak, Ipe, Silver Grey
Hollow Decorative Screen Board UH55 Hollow Decorative Screen Board 56mm x 30mm 5.4m H1 / H1 Yes 900mm 1.2kg Yes 170 Lengths Ipe, Oak
Hollow Decorative Screen Board UH25 Hollow Decorative Screen Board 100mm x 52mm 5.4m H1 / H1 Yes 1350mm 2.3kg Yes 240 Lengths Ipe
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Screening Installation Guide

What is composite timber fencing?

Composite is a newer material that is rising in popularity quite quickly due to its favourable properties. Composite fencing is a more durable, lower maintenance option than traditional timber fencing making it more cost effective in the long run as it does not require the same level of upkeep as other materials. Moreover, composite fencing can still provide homeowners with the natural aesthetic that they are seeking from traditional fencing materials thanks to advances in the design and manufacturing of new composite materials. If you're looking for unrivaled performance and value we'd recommend composite fencing.

What is composite timber screening?

Timber screening is a great way to add style to your commercial or residential property and enhance the aesthetic of its facade. Unfortauntely, it requires a high level of upkeep that many find difficult and costly to maintain. As an alternative to natural timber screening, composite screening is made up of multiple materials and is designed for longevity and enhanced durability, which means that you can enjoy many of the same benefits of timber screening but without the upkeep (composite screening will never need to be sanded back, stained, or oiled).

Is composite fencing & screening better than wood?

Composite wood is a natural, fade resistant alternative to wood. We've found that higher quality composite materials look and feel indistinguishable from their traditional timber counterparts but offer unrivaled performance and value. Newer composite designs can easily replicate the appearance of traditional wood thanks to tangible and visible grooves and other characteristics you'd typically find in timber like knots, colour variations, and differences in the grain. Amomg its many benefits, composite materials do not require intensive and costly upkeep and will never have to be sanded, oiled or stained and typically last much longer than competitive options.

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