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Composite Wood Decking

Coastal Decking

Composite timber decking is a modern, environmentally friendly alternative to natural wood. Our Coastal timber decking range is weather resistant, stain resistant, P5 slip-resistant and the most natural looking composite timber on the market with a luxury deep textured look – for example, the perfect combination for a Hamptons style deck. Requiring next to no maintenance, our composite decking allows you more time to enjoy your dream home and less time looking after it.

Our Coastal decking range is available in a range of modern and traditional timber colours, so you are sure to find the ideal match for your design aesthetic. Whether your style is beach house or Hamptons decking, your solution is in the Coastal decking range.

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Explore our range of colours below.

The above colour swatches are indicative only and may vary in appearance according to your computer screen. Visit one of our display centres and request a free sample, noting that there may be small variations between batches.


Coastal Decking

  1. Low maintenance - no oiling, no painting
  2. Natural look and feel of timber
  3. Fully capped for Ultra Protection against moisture
  4. High P5 slip rating - perfect for around the pool and commercial projects
  1. 25 year Limited Warranty
  2. Durability - resistant to stains, mould, UV and pests
  3. Made from 95% recycled material
  4. Hidden clip system


View our selection of profiles and product specifications.

Profile Profile Code Description Dimensions Length Finish Double Sided LM p/m2 Residential Span Commercial Span Secret Fix Weight p/LM Slip Rating
Grooved Edge Solid Wide Deck Board US54 Grooved Edge Solid Wide Deck Board 210mm x 23mm 4.88m H9V / H1 N 4.7m 400mm 300mm Y 5.7kg P5
Grooved Edge / Solid Edge Solid Finishing Board US33 Grooved Edge / Solid Edge Solid Finishing Board 138mm x 23mm 4.88m H9V N 7m 400mm 300mm Y 3.4kg P5
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Decking Installation Guide

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3 Mini Gap Clip Installation Guide

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Cobra T-Clip Installation Guide

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TC16 Installation Guide

What is composite timber decking?

Composite decking is made from more than one material to increase its strength and density. Composite timber decking has increased in popularity dramatically over the last 25 years due to its properties, which include a lower likelihood to split, or crack, engineered capability to be fade and stain resistant, and relatively low maintenance when compared to other timber decking materials. Not only is composite decking easy to install but it is safe and eco-friendly, making it a preferred choice of material for homeowners investing in a new, cost-effective deck. However, it typically has higher up front costs than other decking materials.

Which is better, composite decking or wood?

Low-maintenance composite decking which are made up of wood fibres and recycled plastics are rising in popularity in part thanks to long warranties and long-term cost effectiveness, despite a heavy price tag at the onset of purchase. Critics of composite decking suggest that it lacks the charm of real wood decks but thanks to innovations in design and manufacturing there is a range of colours of composite decking materials available to help you achieve a natural look. Composite decking doesn't require sanding, refinishing, or staining making it an ideal choice among homeowners who are not looking to spend a lot of time and money in upkeep.

Is composite decking as strong as wood?

Wood is the most common choice of decking material among homeowners. However, it doesn't last forever. For that reason, composite materials have been rising in popularity. They offer unrivalled durability and are far longer lasting than their wood counterparts. Moreover, composite decking is lower maintenance and stronger, meaning that your composite deck is likely to last you much longer over time. Critics of composite decking often point to a high initial cost to install a composite deck but may realise cost savings in the long run as they do not invest time and money into sanding, standing and other types of maintenance such as repairing splits in traditional wood decks.

How long does composite decking last?

Composite decking is weather, rot and insect repellant and among the most durable and sustainable decking materials available to homeowners. Because of its low maintenance properties and relative strength, it often has a longer lifespan than traditional decking materials which often need to be maintained, repaired and replaced periodically. Typically composite decking can last between 25 and 30 years depending on the type of material used, the activity undertaken on the deck and the environment in which it exists. Homeowners typically are attracted to composite decking in part due to its long term warranty.

Can I use composite decking for the pool area?

Yes! Composite decking is appropriate around the pool area and is often the preferred material of choice both among homeowners who are looking to add a pool to their outdoor space and construction organisations that advise on how to manage value and performance. Many of the properties inherent in composite decking make it ideal for pool areas including built-in moisture resistance, a P% slip-resistance rating and U/V resistance. Composite decking in pool areas can mimic the look and feel of traditional woods without additional framing requirements so that your pool area is as safe and secure as possible.

Can I pressure wash my composite decking?

One of the largest benefits for homeowners who have composite decking in their properties is that it is relatively low maintenance. After all, pressure washing is not usually recommended for composite decking for a number of reasons. First, it's not necessary, you can simply wash your composite decking with soapy water as long as you make sure to rinse it really well afterwards. And if done incorrectly (washing too closely or using too much pressure), power washing can be a costly mistake leading to etching that will need to be repaired. For those reasons, we advise against pressure washing your composite decking.

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