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KEKSIÄ is Finnish for 'invent'. In context it means "to design a new process or mechanism”, “to use the intellect to plan or design something”. We source unique products from forward thinking companies that help transition the building industry to a higher standard. We have a few of our own inventions underway also, stay tuned.

If you have any questions, if you need help with plans, quantities, specifications, if you are new to the pedestal / raised floor market, reach out, your solution is only a phone call away.

Eterno Ivica

Eterno Ivica

KEKSIÄ is the proud importer and distributor for Eterno Ivica. This proven pedestal system, designed in Italy, is efficient, stable & recyclable.

It is the worlds first Bi-material, anti-noise and anti-slip head. It can accommodate paving and decking and is the world’s first pedestal that allows you to adjust the height of the floor, post installation, using a simple key system.

Eterno Ivica is without a doubt the most evolved, practical and enduring raised floor solution available on the market. It faster, easier to use and feels better under foot. That is why more companies are choosing Eterno Ivica.

+Specify Stability

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