Prime Pedestal
Telescopic Adjustable Pedestal Paver System

PR Series

The newest addition to the Pedestal line, the PR Series are an engineering masterpiece. Combining two core elements: technology and versatility, whilst accommodating the need to support heavy tensile forces, the new telescopic PR pedestals tick all the boxes. The range comes in three different sizes to adapt perfectly to the three bases and allow coverage of heights from 30 mm to 420 mm without the use of any extensions. Its ergonomic shape also makes it easy to adjust.

Pr Parts


Product advantages

  1. Pre-cut tabs for easy removal
  2. Telescopic adjustable height screw system
  3. Precision adjustment from 30mm to 420mm
  4. Water drainage holes
  5. 205mm diameter / 320 cm2 smooth base support

  • Self-levelling with up to 5% slope correction
  • Cover more height with a single pedestal
  • Entirely recyclable
  • Resistant to temperatures between -40° to 120°C
  • Resistant to acids and ultraviolet deterioration
  • Suitable to any self-supporting outdoor paving system
  • Tile spacing tabs are strong, stable and easily removable
  • Indicator lines on base make cutting easy when installing pedestals into corners or end walls 

Height Range
Product Range
PR Series 30 - 65mm
PR Series 65 - 155mm
PR Series 155 - 420mm

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