What is A Pod System?

A pod system is a raised flooring solution that uses adjustable pods (referred to by some in the industry as pedestals) to create strong, stable and perfectly level floors for a range of domestic and commercial applications.

This system is ideal for use on sloping or uneven surfaces, because each pod can be individually adjusted to compensate for any unevenness, irregularities and gradients.

It’s also an excellent solution for areas that use extensive cabling, irrigation and pipes, lighting, as this can be laid in the space beneath the floor, keeping areas free of clutter and aesthetically pleasing.

The pedestals are extremely strong and can serve as a foundation for many types of tiles, pavers and flooring materials such as timber, granite, marble and precast concrete.

They can be used on balconies, outdoor decks, green roofs, water features and terraces, creating perfectly level raised surfaces without the need for expensive structural work.

Each pedestal can be raised or lowered using a special key from above once the floor has been laid and self-levelling pedestals are also available, which feature a swivelling head that can automatically compensate for any gradient up to 5%.

10 advantages of a pod system

Pod systems offer many advantages over traditional flooring methods including;

Acoustic insulation

Pod systems have anti-slip and anti-noise heads to reduce sound impact by up to 25dB.

Quick drainage

The pods allow for a gap between each slab, which lets water discharge onto the laying surface for fast, efficient drainage.

Level surface

As pod systems can be adjusted to compensate for unevenness, irregularities and gradients on your build site means you can create a perfectly flat floor.

Movement absorption

Because the pod flooring system is not connected to the structure, it absorbs any expansion or structural movements that may occur.

Strength and resistance

Pods are sturdily constructed and with a continuous thread between base and screw, ensuring each pedestal is strong, safe and durable.

Pods are Eco friendly

Pod pedestals require no adhesives or chemicals be used in installation and the pods can be recycled at the end of its life.

Better thermal insulation

As the pod pedestals raise the flooring off the substrate, the air circulating under the floor improves heat insulation and extends the life of the waterproof membrane.

Pods are easy to install

Since pods don’t require adhesives or to be permanently fixed to the substrate, there is minimal site preparation or disruption to the build site, making pod installation time-effective.

Easy access and concealment 

The gap beneath the floor allows for easy concealment of plumbing and electrics and easy access for maintenance.

Lightweight pod flooring

The pod system is lightweight with minimal components, making it fully portable and cheaper to install.

What are the best pods I can use?

The best pod flooring supports available on the market today are those made by Eterno Ivica. This Italian-based company is at the forefront of specialisation and innovation and has been supplying the building and construction industry with high quality products for more than 60 years.

All Eterno Ivica flooring pedestals are distinguished by their design, style and attention to detail, with quality, reliability and safety being the cornerstones of everything they produce.

In line with their commitment to sustainability, all of their pedestal supports are made with fully recyclable raw materials, ensuring low impact on the environment. And no adhesives or chemical compounds are required in the installation of their flooring systems.

KEKSIÄ is the proud distributor for Eterno Ivica in Australia, the world’s first self-levelling pedestal that can be adjusted post installation.

What are the different types of pods?

At KEKSIÄ, we supply pod for a range of different applications including:

  • SE Series – considered the ultimate solution for dealing with sloping and uneven laying surfaces. It has a self-levelling swivelling head that can compensate for gradients of up to 5% and allows you to achieve a perfectly level floor in a minimum of time.

  • Star T Series – ultra-thin pod designed for low height adjustable support. It has millimetre perfect adjustment and can be used on any kind of substrate or with tiles of any size and weight. These qualities make it the perfect pod for renovation work.
  • NM Series – super strong pod designed for heavy duty support and a popular choice in the building industry. It has a fixed head which is fully adjustable, a reinforced adjustment key and a Twist Slope Compensator disc to allow for slopes or substrate imperfections.

  • Wind-proof system – for outside areas exposed to strong winds such as balconies and decks. The pod supports and plates are firmly secured to each other with "T" and "L" shaped clips. This ensures a rock solid bond and a highly wind-resistant structure.

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Article by: Nenad Pesik

Nenad Pesik is the General Manager at KEKSIÄ. He has been working in the building industry for 4 years, specialising in pedestals and raised floors. He has a Bachelor of Business Administration and on a daily basis consults with businesses to find the best solution to their construction needs.