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Pedestal System

Quieter. Better. Faster. Stronger.

Acoustic Insulation.

Thanks to the "bi-component" anti-slip and anti-noise head, our pedestal supports are the only ones in the world able to reduce the sound impact level up to 25dB.

Quick Water Drainage.

The small gap between each slab or tile allows water to discharge onto the laying surface underneath the pedestals and facilitates rapid drainage.

Perfectly Level Surface.

With the pedestal system, you can easily compensate for slight unevenness, irregularities and any gradients on the laying surface, creating a perfectly stable and flat paved surface.

Absorption of Structural Movement.

Without adhesion the finished floor is independent, allowing the paving and supports to absorb expansion and structural movements.

High Strength and Resistance

The sturdy structure of the pedestal derives not only from technical experience in formulating the compounds used but also by the continuous thread between the base and screw. All this guarantees a strong, safe and durable pedestal for your flooring

Entirely Recyclable

The Pedestal System is entirely recyclable and is not required to be fixed to the substrate with an adhesive or chemical component.

Better Thermal Insulation

The pedestals create a void between the paving and membrane, encouraging constant air circulation, extending the life of the waterproofing and improving heat insulation, while protecting the surface from UV degradation.

Time Effective Installation

The adjustable nature of our pedestals makes for time-effective installation, while the minimal site preparation required also means lower cost to new build projects and less disruption to projects already inhabited.

Easy Access and Concealment

The pedestal system creates a gap between the floor and underlying membrane, allowing the passage of pipes (such as plumbing and electrical) and allocation of any equipment, while retaining ease of access.

Low Weight

With no requirements for surface preparation, the floating pedestal system provides a lightweight solution, with a minimal number of installation products, equating to substantially lower cost.

10 Advantages of Pedestals

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Superior Quality Pedestals

The Pedestal Flooring Revolution is Here

Designed, manufactured and tested in Italy, our pedestal system is the only adjustable pedestal for raised floors with self-levelling, anti-slip and noise reducing head in dual material in Australia. Widely used around the world, the patented slope-correcting pedestal design compensates for a substrate fall of 0 to 5% gradient to provide a perfectly level floor finish. Our pedestal system can be used with tiles, pavers and timber decking to create raised floors on green roofs, balconies, water features and terraces. Capable of accommodating heights from 17mm-550mm, it ensures elegant, homogeneous paving each time, without having radical structural work.

Superior Quality Pedestals
Pedestals for Sustainable Building

Our Pedestals Are Recyclable

Both elements of the flooring and the pedestal support substructure are recyclable. At the end of the life of the building and/or the floor, everything can be easily removed and recycled, to give life to other products. The pedestal laying system does not require any glue or chemical product.

Pedestal Certifications

CERTIFIED AS/NZS 1530.3: 1999
CERTIFIED SO 14001: 2004
CERTIFIED SO 9001: 2008
CERTIFIED SA 8000: 2008
LEED CREDITS (LEED mapping for reference PEDESTAL-WOODECK lines)

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