Pedestal Paver Solutions For Office Spaces

A raised flooring system is an elevated floor that sits on above the existing substrate, creating a space underneath that can be used to run cables and ducting.

Pedestal flooring is widely used in offices, data centres, hospitals, airports and other types of commercial applications where a great deal of cabling needs to be deployed.

Pedestal pavers in commercial offices

When a new office building is being constructed, architects will often install pedestal flooring in areas where workstations need to be wired for operation. Telephone, Internet and electricity all require cabling and pedestal flooring allows this unsightly tripping hazard to be safely hidden from view under the floor.

If a company is upgrading its premises to reduce its carbon footprint, pedestal flooring can also help to reduce energy costs over the life of the building, as underfloor air handling equipment requires less energy to operate.

Pedestal flooring is also ideal for companies undergoing regular expansion, as underfloor wiring for workstations can be easily reconfigured without disrupting daily operations.

Pedestal pavers data centres

Data centres employ a lot of cabling and require cooling to prevent constantly running servers and other equipment from overheating.

Pedestal flooring is ideal for these applications, as the masses of cabling can be stowed safely out of sight and conditioned air can be circulated under the floor and directed through ducts to exactly where it is needed.

As data centre equipment is upgraded or replaced, the airflow configuration can also be easily adjusted without the need for the major building works that would be required with reconfiguring a standard floor.

Pedestal pavers in government offices

Government offices normally run a lot of equipment, due to their large number of employees and the vast amounts of data they deal with. And here again, pedestal flooring is ideal, accommodating masses of wiring laid just beneath the floor, where it can be easily accessed when changes are required without disturbing the day to day activities of government operatives above.

Pedestal pavers in airports

Airports are vast and complex environments where technology plays a greater role every year and where extensive cabling is required for areas such as customs, baggage handling, security checkpoints and passenger lounges.

Most airports also have large retail shopping and dining precincts where pedestal flooring is often employed as individual tenants come and go and wiring configurations change accordingly. 

Another advantage of using pedestal flooring in large construction projects such as new airports is that because the raised flooring is not attached to the walls, it is not considered part of a structure but is classed as furniture, fixtures and equipment, allowing the building’s owners to recover their costs faster.

Pedestal pavers in hospitals

Hospitals and medical centres use state of the art equipment, which as technology improves, is being regularly upgraded. This makes pedestal flooring an ideal choice for hospital wards, doctor’s surgeries, operating theatres and intensive care units.

A flexible underfloor cabling space makes for a safe patient care environment above and in the case of laboratories and operating theatres where hygiene is paramount, sealed pedestal flooring options are also available.

What type of pedestal pavers should I use for commercial spaces?

At Keksia, we offer a choice of pedestal flooring options for commercial applications. These include;

  • SE Pedestal Series – An adjustable self-levelling flooring system ideal for applications with sloping installation surfaces. Each pedestal has a swivelling head which is self-levelling and allows it to automatically compensate for any gradient up to 5%.

  • NM Pedestal Series – Each pedestal has a fixed head, which can be adjusted to the millimetre in height. It includes a reinforced adjustment key and a Twist Slope Compensator disc to compensate for any imperfections or inclines in the substrate.

Keksia is the proud Australian distributor for Eterno Ivica, the world’s first self-levelling pedestal. We service projects in NSW, Victoria, SA, Queensland and ACT, so if you need a quote or would like to find out more about raised pedestal flooring, give us a call or visit our contact page to get in touch.

Article by: Nenad Pesik

Nenad Pesik is the General Manager at KEKSIÄ. He has been working in the building industry for 4 years, specialising in pedestals and raised floors. He has a Bachelor of Business Administration and on a daily basis consults with businesses to find the best solution to their construction needs.