What is Pedestal Flooring?

What is it and how does it work?

Pedestal paving is becoming increasingly popular in the building industry, as it provides a number of immediate benefits that simply aren’t available when using a conventional laying method. A large number of commercial and domestic outdoor spaces today demand the need for raised flooring solutions. 

Sloped or uneven surfaces require the operational flexibility of pedestal supports to create an even foundation. When you want to create a raised floor for your outdoor decking area or integrate raised pavers into your outdoor space, pedestal flooring can offer the ideal solution. Raised floors are also the perfect solution allowing you to run cables, drainage and lighting systems underneath the floor and keep the surface clear of clutter and aesthetically pleasing. 

Adjustable pedestals allow you to level any surface and serve as a foundation for many types of pavers or flooring material such as timber, composite decking and paving, granite, marble, and precast concrete. Our raised floor pedestal system works by utilising height adjustable and/or self-levelling supports to compensate for a substrate fall of 0 to 5% or a TW110 slope compensator for a substrate fall of 1% to provide a perfectly level floor finish. 

The pedestals come with an anti-slip and noise reducing head. Additionally, the optional windproof head can be used to provide a solution for high wind areas. Adjustable pedestals can be used to create raised floors on balconies, green roofs, water features and terraces; ensuring sophisticated paving without the need for expensive structural work. 

When should you use pedestal flooring?

  • Pedestal flooring exploits the conventional system of raised flooring or floating pavers. With this system, you can raise and adjust floor surfaces for elevated deck applications, supporting garden pavers and to accommodate waterproofing membranes. 

  • Pedestal flooring is a quick and highly efficient solution to areas that are prone to flooding (such as balconies, green roofs, water features, pool areas, etc.). The small gap between each slab or tile allows for quick water drainage where water is collected on to the laying surface underneath for rapid drainage and easy access for waterproofing.

  • Pedestal flooring is also used in commercial buildings to allow pipes and electrical equipment to pass through underneath effortlessly. 

  • The adjustable nature of the pedestals provides a void between the paving and the membrane to encourage air circulation; extending the life of your waterproofing, improving heat insulation, and providing quick and easy access for any plumbing and electrical maintenance.

  • Pedestal flooring is also highly practical for balconies or high-rise buildings, as it allows the paving and supports to absorb natural expansion and structural movement while retaining integrity. 

  • Lastly, the adjustable nature of the Pedestal System is a time-effective installation with minimal site preparation required, lowering the cost of building new projects and creating less disruption to existing projects. 

Advantages over conventional laying methods

  • Significant time and cost savings arise as the use of grouting, caulking and bonding agents becomes unnecessary. Pedestals and pavers are simply lifted into place.

  • The absence of grout eliminates the concern of grout smear that is often present in a typical paving installation, resulting in a cleaner and neater paved finish.

  • Drainage levels can be incorporated into the paving sub-base, allowing a perfectly level finished surface.

  • Any plumbing, electrical or communications services can be run underneath the paving and are easily accessed when required by lifting out only the relevant pavers. Once access is no longer required, pavers are just as easily lifted back into place.

Pedestal flooring in action

KEKSIA has provided pedestal flooring solutions for several important projects.

The Finery Waterloo apartments is one case study where we successfully installed 12,500 NM Series Pedestals across resident balconies. 

The apartment complex consists of a rooftop terrace, landscaped courtyard and two acoustically treated music rooms alongside the residential living. Pedestal flooring helped to raise floor systems and accommodate the lush green garden, providing better water drainage and improved waterproofing. 

For Bondi’s largest hotel overlooking the eastern suburbs, the Merriton Suites Bondi Junction, our pedestal flooring system helped to accommodate the 375 suites, all meticulously designed to be up to three times larger than an average hotel room. Wood deck NM with PNM Extension was successfully installed between 635-935mm height. This provided a consistent terrace/sun deck area accommodating the rooftop garden and expansive outdoor space. 

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Article by: Nenad Pesik

Nenad Pesik is the General Manager at KEKSIÄ. He has been working in the building industry for 4 years, specialising in pedestals and raised floors. He has a Bachelor of Business Administration and on a daily basis consults with businesses to find the best solution to their construction needs.