Everything You Need to Know About Porcelain Paver Pedestals

Porcelain is a type of ceramic tile that’s even stronger, harder, and more water-resistant than standard ceramics. Porcelain tiles have always been a popular option for indoor applications like feature walls and floor tiles. Manufacturing advancements have made it possible now to create thicker, bigger porcelain pavers and tiles, and porcelain pavers can now be used for exterior structural applications, whether it’s for your walls or pathways. We explore why people are choosing porcelain, why they’re a trending option, and why you should use pedestal systems with your porcelain pavers. 

Why are people using porcelain?

Porcelain pavers offer exceptional design and physical benefits, from elegance and visual appeal to incredible durability and resistance.

1. Design benefits

Porcelain pavers are a high-quality material offering aesthetic superiority, with an enormous variety of styles, shapes, sizes, and colours. Porcelain can mimic just about any type of material, from natural stone and wood to marble, granite, steel, bamboo, or cork. It’s a created composite material and not harvested, so it can be made to look like any hard surface. Designers can create beautiful and detailed outdoor spaces, using deeper, richer colours and more variation of colours in light and shade. Details like mica flecks add to the aesthetic advantages of porcelain pavers. 

2. Physical benefits

Another core reason people are choosing porcelain is due to its exceptional physical benefits. It’s incredibly dense and tough, slip-proof, heat-resistant, and non-porous, making it easier to clean. Its moisture and slip resistance ensures better safety for high-traffic areas. Its non-porousness makes it easy to clean in addition to being resistant to frost, mold, and bacteria. 

Porcelain pavers are lighter than concrete and most types of natural stone, leading to easier transportability and higher cost efficiencies in moving and installation. Finally, porcelain pavers aren’t sensitive to chemical products and won’t need special cleaning treatments, unlike other natural stones. They will be easier to maintain and will keep their texture and appearance even after years of use.

Why are porcelain pavers trendy?

Apart from the design and physical benefits, porcelain pavers offer style, elegance, and something different to homes and exteriors that homeowners and designers love. A few different examples of why they’re so trendy include the following popular applications:

  • Versatile outdoor living design - Porcelain pavers can be used to create modern, monochromatic zones or natural, earthy looks with endless interpretations of stone and wood.
  • Indoor-to-outdoor transition - Porcelain pavers offer seamless indoor-to-outdoor flow, letting homeowners mirror their indoor living spaces in their outdoor areas. Porches and outdoor areas can utilise similar materials for an elegant, coordinated look.
  • Fire and water features - Porcelain pavers allow designers to create cohesive outdoor transitions as well, with steps and walkways that merge seamlessly with different spaces. 
  • Outdoor kitchens - Its stain resistance makes porcelain paving an ideal choice for outdoor kitchens. 
  • Beautiful poolscapes - Durability, easy maintenance, and slip resistance make porcelain pavers a favoured choice for pool and spa areas. 

Pedestal systems for porcelain pavers

Using pedestal systems with your porcelain pavers is the best way to install a porcelain set-up in your home. Pedestal systems raise your pavers off the ground and offer aeration while creating a secure foundation. Other advantages include:

  • Level surfaces - Correct unevenness, irregularities, and gradients in your outdoor surfaces by using pedestals for your porcelain paving. You can create highly stable and flat-paved zones even if the underlying ground isn’t perfectly flat because pedestals are adjustable, some even after installation.
  • Easy access - Raising your porcelain pavers gives you easy access to pipes, cables, and other items that can then run under the surface unobstructed. 
  • Durability - Pedestal systems are strong, safe, and durable for any type of paving, including porcelain pavers. 
  • Sound insulation - The best pedestal systems offer acoustic insulation, reducing noise levels and enabling you to create quieter outdoor spaces. 
  • Hide old flooring - In adding to hiding piping, pedestal systems allow you to cover up any old flooring that might be damaged and immovable. You can then easily transform the ground surface for outdoor areas like patios, balconies, and kitchens.
  • Drainage - Pedestal systems provide drainage benefits by leaving small gaps between each paver.
  • Cost-effective - Quality pedestal systems are low weight and don’t need a lot of installation products or surface preparation. This means it’s cost-effective and time-saving to install for your porcelain pavers. 
  • Thermal insulation - The gap between the paving and membrane boosts air circulation and could enhance waterproofing, heat insulation, and protection from UV degradation.

KEKSIA’s pedestal systems: the perfect solution

Whether for decking or landscaping, KEKSIA’s pedestal systems can be the perfect solution for your porcelain paver system. You’ll enjoy all the benefits of a quieter, faster-to-install, and stronger pedestal system reflecting the best of structural design. Our system is the first in the world to be height adjustable after installation. Acoustic and thermal insulation, easy access and concealment, and high strength and resistance are some of the key benefits you’ll achieve with KEKSIA’s pedestals.

At KEKSIA, we’re committed to sourcing unique products from forward-thinking companies from all over the world. If you require assistance about pedestal systems, we welcome you to reach out and contact us today. Our team would be pleased to help you with any questions.

Article by: Nenad Pesik