Why You Should Use Composite Decking For Jetties

If you’re constructing a jetty or walkway, you’ll need to carefully consider your choice of materials. They’ll need to be able to provide a strong, level platform across uneven terrain and stand up to a variety of weather conditions.

The 8 benefits of using composite materials for jetties and walkways

Traditionally, natural timber has been the material of choice for a jetty or walkway, given its low cost and relatively easy construction. But for those seeking a more cost-effective long-term solution, composite timber is becoming an attractive alternative.

Composite timber has a number of unique advantages over wood;  

  1. It’s even easier to install than timber, as it’s made with grooves which allow the planks to fit snugly together, This provides a much neater platform in a lot less time.
  2. Unlike wood, it doesn’t splinter or crack, so it’s kinder on bare feet and safer to walk on, as modern composites also include anti-slip properties.
  3. Unlike wood, it doesn’t need constant maintenance and repair due to weathering. It won’t rot, warp or fade over time, so it doesn’t need staining, painting or sealing, just occasional cleaning with soap and water.
  4. It’s more eco–friendly than timber, which ultimately involves harvesting of trees, however responsibly. Composite timber is made from recycled materials such as sawdust and plastics. 
  5. As well as being resistant to weathering, it’s also resistant to termites and mould and performs well in salt water environments.
  6. While wood can only take certain forms, composite timber is a moulded product, so it offers more design flexibility, without compromising on performance.
  7. Unlike wood, it usually comes capped, with a protective layer on all sides, making it UV-resistant and resistant to ageing.
  8. It’s able to mimic the beauty of natural wood, while maintaining the structural integrity of a manufactured product. So you can simulate any type of timber, without needing to consider hardness or strength.

Keeping your walkway level on sloping surfaces

If you decide that composite timber is the best material for your project, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s perfect for use with a pedestal system. This is another product that takes the hard work and high cost out of building a jetty or walkway and if your project involves sloping ground, it offers the perfect solution.

The site requires minimal preparation, as the pedestals are simply laid out on the sloping or uneven ground. The framework is then laid on top and finally the walkway. Each pedestal can then be adjusted from above using a special key, until a stable and perfectly level surface has been achieved.

This system will neutralise the unevenness and irregularities in an outdoor environment and in the case of sloping ground, it will compensate for gradients of up to 5%.

The gap beneath the walkway also provides easy access for inspection or maintenance, ideal concealment for wiring or plumbing and efficient airflow and drainage.  

When paired with a composite timber deck, a pedestal system will provide you with a jetty or walkway that is easy to construct and will outlast the natural timber structures around it.

Important things to know before constructing a jetty

You will need a permit from the appropriate authorities before constructing your jetty or walkway. A walkway will need council approval, as with any substantial structure and a jetty may also need approval from the local waterways authority.

Failure to get approval could result in your project being declared illegal and being removed at your own expense.

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Article by: NENAD PESIK

Nenad Pesik is the General Manager at KEKSIÄ. He has been working in the building industry for 4 years, specialising in pedestals and raised floors. He has a Bachelor of Business Administration and on a daily basis consults with businesses to find the best solution to their construction needs.