Pedestal Paver Solutions for Tiled Floors

Why you should consider pedestal pavers for tiled floors

If you plan to feature tiled floors in your next construction project, consider raising them on an adjustable pedestal system. This will compensate for any unevenness in the laying surface and ensure a flat, stable and perfectly level floor.

Accommodating heights from 10mm to 990mm and a substrate gradient fall of up to 5%, an adjustable pedestal system allows for elegant, perfectly even paving without the need for costly structural work to fix any mistakes.

Pedestal systems also offer a number of other advantages;

  • Acoustic insulation: with anti-slip and anti-noise heads, pedestal supports can reduce sound impact by up to 25dB.
  • Fast drainage: small gaps between each tile allow any water to seep onto the substrate below and drain rapidly away.
  • Movement absorption: because the raised floor is not permanently fixed to the walls, it can absorb any expansion or structural movements.
  • Strength and durability: the pedestal supports are made from very strong compounds and have a continuous thread between the base and screw.
  • Eco-friendly: a pedestal system is fully recyclable and requires no adhesives or chemicals in its installation.
  • Improved insulation: constant air circulation between the tiles and the waterproof membrane extends the life of the membrane and improves overall heat insulation.
  • Fast installation: Reduced site preparation means time-effective installation, cost savings and less disruption to build projects.
  • Discreet concealment: the gap between the tiles and the membrane allows for easy access and discreet concealment of electrical wiring and plumbing fixtures.
  • Low weight: a raised floor system is lightweight with minimal components, equating to much lower installation costs.

Sloping or uneven surfaces are a common issue in the construction of commercial spaces and the flexibility of a pedestal flooring solution is a fast, simple and cost-effective way to create a perfectly even foundation.

What types of pedestal pavers should I use for tiled floors?

At KEKSIÄ, we offer pedestal flooring options for a range of applications and for tiled floors, we recommend;

  • SE Series: A self-levelling support recognised as the most effective solution for dealing with sloping and uneven installation surfaces. With a unique self-levelling bi-component head that can compensate for gradients of up to 5%, it will allow you to achieve a perfectly flat floor in a short space of time.

  • Star T Series: The thinnest exterior elevated floor pedestal in the world, this pedestal provides low height adjustable support. It can be used on any substrate and with tiles of any size and weight, making it ideal for renovations. Its millimetre-perfect adjustment lets you quickly create a stable and perfectly level floor.

  • NM Series: Reliable and super strong, this heavy duty pedestal is used widely in the building industry. It has a fixed bi-component head, which can be adjusted to the exact millimetre in height, a reinforced adjustment key and a TW110 Slope Compensator disc that compensates for slopes or imperfections in the substrate of up to 1%.

  • Wind-proof system: This system has been especially designed for use in outside spaces where strong wind is an issue such as balconies, decks and rooftop entertainment areas. The system solves the problem of surface lift caused by wind by firmly securing the pedestal supports and the plates to each other with "T" and "L" shaped clips. This ensures a rock solid bond is achieved between the finished floor and the supports below, anchoring them firmly to each other and creating a structure that’s resistant to wind.

Want to use pedestal pavers with your tiled floor? Get in touch with our expert team 

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Article by: Nenad Pesik

Nenad Pesik is the General Manager at KEKSIÄ. He has been working in the building industry for 4 years, specialising in pedestals and raised floors. He has a Bachelor of Business Administration and on a daily basis consults with businesses to find the best solution to their construction needs.