How to Create Zones in Outdoor Spaces

How to Create Zones in Outdoor Spaces 

If you’ve been commissioned to transform an outdoor space, or you’re a homeowner wanting to jazz up a boring backyard, read on. The most effective way to add interest to your outdoor space is to break it up into zones dedicated to various activities such as dining, entertaining, relaxation and play.

6 ways to create zones in an outdoor space

Depending on how large a space you have to work with and what your budget will allow, even a small outdoor space can be made to seem much larger simply by dividing it into zones. Ways to do this might include;

  1. Outdoor dining area

A covered area where guests can dine all year round is a great idea for a backyard zone. It can be as simple as a gazebo with a barbecue or as hi-tech as an outdoor kitchen with facilities for fine dining under the stars.

  1. Privacy screens

Give each area in your outdoor space more separation by using fencing or screens. These can be made from materials such as bamboo or lattice, although if you want them to last, products such as KEKSIÄ’s composite cladding, fencing and screening will far outlast natural timber.

  1. Chill out zone

This can be as simple as a pathway leading to a bench under a tree or something with more of a secret garden feel. Its primary purpose is to give you a sanctuary you can retreat to with a book and a glass of wine to escape and unwind.

  1. A place to play

Whether it’s a cubby house or a swing and sandpit for the littlies or a firepit and outdoor TV for the grown ups, a designated play area is always a hit in an outdoor space.

  1. Different levels

Creating different levels can help to differentiate your zones. This can be achieved by building a deck or simply lowering one side of a space to create a sunken garden effect. KEKSIÄ’s adjustable pedestal paving and decking systems are the easy way to vary the levels in an outdoor space.

  1. Lighting

Outdoor lighting can make your space usable both day and night. Install dome lights for safety on pathways and more atmospheric lighting such as lanterns and pendant lights for entertaining and relaxation areas.

What supplies do I need to create outdoor zones?

Because you’re working with an outdoor space, you should opt for materials that will last for many years in a range of weather conditions. While natural timber is cheap and aesthetically appealing, it requires a lot of maintenance to keep it structurally sound and looking its best.

Nowadays, there are some excellent alternatives available that look as good as wood, but last many years longer and require little or no maintenance other than the occasional clean.

These include:

  • Composite cladding

KEKSIÄ’s composite cladding is made from recycled wood and plastics that make it impervious to weather, while still offering a range of natural wood tones. Our castellation cladding can be installed horizontally or vertically and has an attractive multi-dimensional appearance when used for screening your zones.

  • Fencing & screening 

KEKSIÄ’s composite range of fencing and screening is very low maintenance because it doesn’t rot, crack, warp or fade over time and needs no sanding, staining, painting or sealing, just an occasional clean with soap and water.    

  • Decking 

KEKSIÄ’s pedestal paving and decking systems are fully adjustable and can create strong and perfectly level surfaces wherever you want relief and contrast in your outdoor space. They can compensate for sloping gradients up to 5% and are easy to install, requiring minimal site preparation.

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Article by: Nenad Pesik

Nenad Pesik is the General Manager at KEKSIÄ. He has been working in the building industry for 4 years, specialising in pedestals and raised floors. He has a Bachelor of Business Administration and on a daily basis consults with businesses to find the best solution to their construction needs.